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TikTok Star Claudya Moreira Can Turn A Scarf Into Just About Anything

Striking model and TikTok star Claudya Moreira is garnering attention for more than her good looks, nowadays. She also happens to be a designer with a serious knack for fashion styling.https://www.tiktok.com/@claudyamoreira1/video/6917730057469398278?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1

This 34-year-old is based out of Lisbon, Portugal, and is keeping everyone’s mood lifted during the pandemic by posting over 50 ways to wear and style your scarves. It truly is about the little things in life.

Moreira’s style hacks are more impressive than most — she can turn a scarf into a handbag, skirt, and cape, beyond the basic wrap top.  She’s even threaded one through button holes on her vest, fashioning a makeshift belt. Due to the popularity of her videos, the model started her own scarf brand called Zafia

And where does this steadfast passion for scarves come from? In Cape Verde island, where she grew up, the elder women of the community would wear a scarf tied around their heads, so that the community knew to treat them with extreme respect and regard. Scarves have always popped up in Moreira’s life, so she decided to pay homage in this way.

I mean, of course she went viral — who else knows how to go from silk scarf to asymmetrical crop top with long sleeves? For those of us looking to save money on clothes and be more minimalist, this TikToker is a breath of fresh air. 


Ok, so obviously we’re never dropping excessive money on a purse again because with a scarf and a simple chain, she just DIY’d something that looks better than Hermes. 


This winter hack turns a scarf into a scarf and beanie combo, transforming Claudya into an adorable winter bunny — especially after she puts that jacket on. Never suffer from a cold forehead again.

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