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Best Looks Of Billie Eilish So Far

One thing is for sure when it comes to Billie Eilish — she likes to stand out from the crowd. Her style is a beautiful, chaotic collage of different fashion looks, and every outfit is memorable. If it’s baggy and colorful, chances are she’s worn it. However, there are certain outfits that have helped solidify her as an androgynous fashion icon in our eyes. Here are Billie Eilish’s best looks to date. 

1. This is one of the more subtle color choices Billie has made over the years. She wore this head-to-toe silk green Gucci outfit to the 2020 billboard Music Awards. The matching bucket hat and mask on the singer were some serious icing on the cake. We’re living for earthy Billie, but hope she doesn’t lose her love for neon.

2. Eilish was once quotes saying “I want layers and layers” because she wants to be mysterious, with no one else knowing what’s underneath. This floral 1970s inspired look definitely accomplishes that, and the Autumn color scheme with oversized flowers is everything — especially the slouchy white turtleneck on top that inspires us for days. 

3. Her love for anime is part of what makes the singer so complex — so is her ability to snag the most unique and unexpected outfits that work it in as a theme. This Sailor Moon outfit is tomboy chic, with below the knee shorts and a loose black button up. Accessories are flawless as always. Especially that spiked choker.

4. The queen of mixing aesthetics opted to for a more monochrome look this time. The all-khaki outfit is by Prada, and gives us crazy uncle vibes in the best way ever. Oversized Gucci sunglasses finish off the look. She wore this outfit to the 2019 Billboard in Music event, and makes us wonder if we could get away with wearing an outfit like this to a red carpet event. 

5. Color is one of the things Billie is most known for, and the pandemic has really given her a chance to flex her mask and bucket hat matching drip. Seriously — masked fashion was made for her. This is a rainbow-soaked Louis Vuitton sweatsuit that was worn in March 2019 for an immersive pop-up experience for her album. 

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