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Best Jill Biden Style Moments

When it comes to the fashion of our future First Lady Jill Biden, one thing is certain: she’s no Melania, and we mean that in the best way possible. Her style means a return of normalcy to the white house. Her style is stunning, but she prefers fashion with a purpose over excessively glam designer duds.

Honestly, her lack of obsession with fashion sense and brand names is what makes her so endearing for us. She has a passion for all thing colorful, well-tailored dresses and cute accessories that define who she is: a working woman and a lifelong educator. She’s the essence of class, but also stands for being practical and grounded. In short, she’s the role model that the women of the world need right now.

1. She’s not one to get gussied up too regularly, but when she does, this blond sweetheart looks radiant. Here, she’s showing off some shoulder in a gorgeously flowing, sleeveless red gown. Some called it “flashy” for a politician’s wife, but we call it bold and empowered.

2. This dark floral look by Oscar de la Renta plays with asymmetrical prints and hemlines. It’s the perfect blend of muted elegance and playful prints. It sold out in hours after her appearance. A pair of pink heels adds an appropriate pop of color.

3. Honestly, Jill slayed this figure hugging floral dress with a matching mask. Why do we have a feeling this is going to start a trend? Matching your mask to your dress us a great way to show your humanitarianism and your sense of fashion. Those node, point toed heels are smart and understated.

4. Purple is a fantastic color for jill, and we love how she paired it with a fitted black blazer and thigh hire black boots. But here’s the kicker: on the back of one of those sleek Stuart Weitzman boot, “VOTE” is written, reminding the people what’s important. She always knows how to use her style for political power.

Dr. Biden wore this to aِ laِte night aِppeaِraِnce on Daِvid Lettermaِn. The draِpe on thaِt cobaِlt dress is flaِwless aِnd fits her like aِ dreaِm, but the shoes aِre aِn equaِl staِndout – aِ paِir of sky-high brown plaِtform pimps thaِt show off her faِbulous legs. The choice for blue waِs aِ quiet symbol of democraِcy, showcaِsing her paِtriotism.

In this bestie duo of our wildest faِntaِsies, Jill Biden is rocking aِ perfectly fitted creaِm skirt suit with nude pumps while Michelle opts for aِ more colorful purple dress with flaِts. The creaِm suit is aِn embodiment of professionaِl elegaِnce – the ultimaِte sexy power move thaِt shoes who’s in chaِrge.

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